The Return of Victor

Paul will be returning to the role of Victor McGowan, performing “The Long Wet Grass” with Anna Nugent, on a New York area tour in November, including special performances at Lehman College, Hudson Valley Writing Center and ArtHouse Jersey City.

Shooting "The Long Wet Grass" short film

Paul is excited to be shooting the short film based on Seamus Scanlon’s “The Long Wet Grass” where he will play Victor McGowan, this October in location in Co. Mayo, Ireland. Produced by Nancy Manocherian’s the cell, it will co-star Anna Nugent and will be directed by Justin Davey and shot by Lakshika Serasinhe.

Hamlet in Pieces

Paul is currently filming the upcoming docu-webseries, “Hamlet in Pieces,” playing Hamlet, and exploring the play in rehearsal and performance with a fantastic cast. More details coming soon!

30,000-1 Finale

This summer, Paul shot the Season 1 finale of the political comedy webseries 30,000 to One where Paul plays wannabe politician Louis. Currently completing post-production, the finale featuring a terrific group of guest-stars is set to be released shortly … check out this teaser photo from the episode and watch this space!

30,000-1: Episode 7

You can now view the latest episode of the political comedy webseries 30,000-1 where Paul plays wannabe politician Louis. In Episode 7, the gang handles a provocative text from the Congressman…

NEWvember 2015

Paul was delighted to be part of the 5th annual NEWvember Festival in Tivoli NY, a co-production ofAboutFACE Ireland and Tangent Theatre Tivoli, November 5th – 8th, where he performed in new works by Jacob Perkins, Karen Howes, Steven Haworth and Peter Papadopoulos.


Paul had a ball playing a college professor who gets mixed up in Dublin’s underworld in the World Premiere of Brendan Connellan’s new blackly comic play PYTHON, which ran at An Beal Bocht Cafe in the Bronx, Sept 24 to Oct 4, as part of the 2015 1stIrish Festival. Directed by Don Creedon, the show also starred Mark Byrne, Laurence Lowry, Conor McManus and David O’Hara.

UK Premiere of "The McGowan Trilogy"

Paul was delighted to return to the lead role of Victor M. McGowan in Seamus Scanlon’s “The McGowan Trilogy”  in the UK premiere at the Kino Teatr in St Leonards on Sea in England in July. A co-production with the cell of NYC, the show was directed by Kira Simring and featured original cast member Anna Nugent, alongside UK new cast members Ciaran Flynn, Lisa Harmer, Patrick Knowles & Brendan O’Rourke.